Everything’s a drama at the moment

Let’s take some timeout and enjoy some family stories. 

On Friday the 13th of March, Ireland’s government on the advice of health specialists decided that in the interest of public health all schools, colleges, and cultural centres would close. UPDATE:  Ireland entered Level 5 of the Living with Covid Plan from the Irish Government at Midnight on October 21st, 2020 for a period of 6 weeks –  Check out the HSE onlinefor updated information. 

All Points West is a radio production company that has been producing radio content for children for more than a decade.  All of this content has been broadcast on the National Digital Radio Service.  Today, we have decided to podcast some of our shows in the hope that for a short period of time you and your family will enjoy being transported into one of our fantasy worlds. 

The first series we are unveiling here was broadcast in 2013 and it’s all about a curious sheepdog called Scout.   We will be adding series and episodes daily, depending on demand but bear with us as this site has been put together rather hastily.  Enjoy!

Credit: Sinéad McClure


Featured Audio

There are 15 series in all, of varying durations but each one shares one special theme and that is the Irish natural environment and conservation.  Bear with us as we’ll add them over the next few days/weeks. 

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