Scout of the Yard

Scout of the Yard is a ten-part radio drama all about a crime-fighting Border Collie named Scout.  Scout doesn’t always get things right but sometimes he really makes the other farm animals think!

Scout of the Yard was Narrated by Jho Harris
The Players are: Hazel McLynn Llyod 
Richard Carroll, Ailbhe Hines, Terry McDonagh, and Jho Harris.
The Production Assistant was Peter McParland
The series was written by Sinead McClure & Jho Harris
Produced for Rtejr Radio by All Points West Radio Productions
And Funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee.

Episode 1

Hay! Where have all the oats gone?!

Scout is on his way to the river when he notices that the field which had a fine crop of golden oats is now empty. Blaming a gang of marauding moles for pulling the crop down into the ground his trusty companion Jack the Donkey explains that there are no moles in Ireland Scout then points the finger of blame squarely at the farms’ herd of goats. He rounds them up scaring them half to death and will not accept their explanation that they are innocent.

Scout (Inspired by Ruby)



Episode 2

Sheep Uncovered!

Enjoying a few minutes play with his ball Scout notices that the sheep who had lovely coats of wool just the evening before is now almost bald, his logic tells him that the geese must have stolen it to make extra warm bedding for the goslings; after something of a standoff between Scout and the gander, Scout eventually cross-examines the lead gander. Who can’t throw any light on how the sheep lost their wool?

Jack aka Richard Carroll meeting his namesake and Prin!



Episode 3

Steak Out on the cattle!

Some of the cattle are missing, most notably the one-year-old heifers.  Who would steal them and why only target one group?  Scout deduces that it has to be the horses, jealous of the lush pasture the cattle enjoy.  Reaching a wall of silence on the issue Scout decides a stakeout is necessary and he is encouraged to do so!


Scout (Aka Ruby) exploring the farm!



Episode 4

Eggstra Surveillance

Scout is relaxing with his friend Jack the donkey when he hears a commotion over at the chicken coop, he dashes over to find that all the hens are singing at the top of their voices that they have just laid an egg, the next morning the same thing happens and when Scout congratulates them on having two eggs the hens tell him that yesterdays eggs are gone and the same thing happens everyday. This is too big a job for Scout on his own so he tries to enlist the help of his friend Jack The Donkey and even has a role for Ginger the farm cat, who is only too happy to mind the eggs!

Gaucho (the inspiration for Bran) and Terry McDonagh who voiced his character



Episode 5

Parents and Kids Napped!

Scout is flabbergasted; Bran seems to be sleeping late and not interested in going to work, he is not amused when Scout tries to wake him. Warning him to stay well clear of him for the rest of the day no matter what. Scout does not know where to turn when there are no signs of life at the farmhouse, none of the family are anywhere to be seen but all the usual cars and tractors are parked in the yard. Has someone kidnapped the family? Scout needs to get to the bottom of this one.

Writer and producers Sinéad McClure and Jho Harris pictured with Ruby



Episode 6

Stalking the pigs!

While walking back from the farm gate where he had just accompanied young Ronan McGowan to the school bus, Scout is shocked to find the fine green stalks and purple flowers of the potato crop gone and the field churned to mud.  This time there can be no mistake most of the animals on the farm were grazers but the pigs are a different matter, they can churn up a field in no time and are more than partial to potatoes. 


Scout inspired by Ruby and Played by Hazel McLynn



Episode 7

The turnip mystery.

Whilst out after dark in the farmyard, Scout is frightened by an unusual sight, a light coming from two turnips placed on either side of the farm gate.  These turnips have faces, and they’re smiling.  Scout tries to talk to them but they don’t answer.  Believing the turnips have somehow come to life he has to investigate further.

Newspaper Clipping about Scout of the Yard



Episode 8

Who’s scaring the salmon?!

Scout loves to play near the river.  He often walks down there in the late summer when Mrs. McGowan collects wood after the river has flooded.  But this time Scout notices something rather peculiar.  The salmon are swimming, fast, and they are going the wrong way up the river, something must be scaring them.  It’s time to interrogate the ducks!


Photo by Rosa Virginia on Unsplash



Episode 9

Baked off

Friday is traditionally baking day and Scout enjoys watching Mrs. McGowan as she prepares a fresh apple tart for the weekend. She normally leaves the tart to cool at the open window in the farm kitchen. But this week there’s no tart, and Scout is convinced someone has stolen it. He starts his investigation in the kitchen where he notices a trail of crumbs coming from the worktop and follows them out into the yard it leads to the goat pen. This time he is sure he has the goats banged to rights..

Photo by Krzysztof Kowalik on Unsplash



Episode 10


The top fields where the sheep are kept are empty.  And the border fences have been cut.  Something villainous is going on.  Scout runs through the gaps in the fence shocked by all the destruction.  At last, he has a crime worthy of a serious investigation and nothing Bran could say to him would explain this.  Who would take the fence down, Scout turns on his Dr. Watson, his ally Jack the donkey, as they are known destructors of the best fence work. 


The cast and crew of Scout of the Yard



Scout of the Yard

Scout of the Yard was produced by All Points West Radio Productions and funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee.