I am Falcon

“I am Falcon.” is a six-part narrative lead, drama for children. The series is delivered from the perspective of a Mother Peregrine Falcon telling her story to her young Eyases (Peregrine Chick). This falcon had been mysteriously abandoned by her parents, and as a young bird had no idea who or what species she is. 

Written by Jho Harris & Sinéad McClure

Narrated by Sinéad McClure – With voice-work from Richard Carroll, Hazel McLynn, Jho Harris & Sinéad McClure
Produced for Rtejr Radio by All Points West Radio Productions
And Funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee.

Episode 1

Little Hawk

When an abandoned chick falls from her nest, she wonders how she will survive.  Luckily she meets a friend in Otus, the long-eared owl. Otus is a kind bird who takes this bird under his wing, figuratively speaking, and teaches her the skills she needs to travel on in her journey to finding out who she really is. 

A Sea-Eagle pictured at Eagles Flying, Sligo.



Episode 2


In episode two we learn that the buzzard was a once extinct bird of prey and that it has come back, at the moment colonising 18 counties in Ireland with hopes that it will become widespread in years to come. We also hear the first mention of The Golden Eagle when Falcon meets a very knowledgeable Merlin who speaks about the mythical eagle. Without realising it Falcon has met one of her own species but because the Merlin is the smallest falcon she dismisses it as a possible link. 

A barn owl pictured at Eagles Flying Sligo



Episode 3


Whilst perching near a trout lake Falcon witnesses a display from another bird of prey The Osprey. Although only a visitor to Ireland he has lots to tell her about his history. The Osprey is tagged and he is sure he knows why. He tells Falcon what he knows about man. 

A merlin pictured at Eagles Flying Ballymote



Episode 4


On her way to try and find her father Falcon suffers an injury, although frightened, she has to put her trust in man. She is taken to a bird conservation project for the Red Kite species. After learning all about this bird and their re-introduction, Falcon tries to make her escape.

A long-eared owl pictured at Eagles Flying Sligo



Episode 5


Who wouldn’t want to be a golden eagle? Especially after hearing all the mythical tales peppered along her journey. Falcon has wrongly convinced herself she must be special, rare, almost extinct, a golden eagle. In episode five we found out more about this rare bird. Otus returns to help Falcon finally find some answers.

Pictured at Eagles Flying Ballymote



Episode 6


We build to an exciting end that takes Falcon from the hills of Donegal, back across the midlands, and eventually right back to where she started her journey on the rocky mountainside where she was born.

Pictured at Eagles Flying Ballymote



I am Falcon

“I am Falcon.” was produced by All Points West (c) 2014 and funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee.

Many thanks to Eagles Flying Ballymote for their generosity and knowledge during research for this series.